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Classes at barefoot yoga are not only about enjoying the many benefits of yoga, but also a retreat from everyday life where you can come for some ‘me’ time.  Numbers are kept purposefully small and a range of classes are offered to ensure there is a class suitable for students of any age and experience.

Classes are held in a warm studio and the emphasis is on healthy alignment, breath awareness and inviting students to listen to their bodies.  

Due to Covid I am no longer able to provide mats or props - I am very happy to advise and assist with the purchase of mats and necessary yoga props for your practice.

Which Yoga Class?

Vinyasa Flow - This flow style of yoga synchronises movement with breath and builds heat through a series of carefully placed sequences called vinyasas.  

Restorative Yoga - If you're looking for relaxation and rejuvenation look no further.  Restorative yoga is especially beneficial for nervous exhaustion, stress or 'information overload'.  Poses are mostly done lying down and supported over bolsters using yoga props and blankets.

Yin Yoga - A passive practice where poses are held to work into the deeper connective tissue.  It is suggested that the body's energy channels run through the connective tissue - the Yin practice increases energy distribution through these channels, a principle said to be similar to that of acupuncture.  

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Open Level Class - Vinyasa Flow

Tuesday 9am Barefoot Yoga Studio

Tuesday 6pm Barefoot Yoga Studio

Wednesday 9am Barefoot Yoga Studio

Thursday 6pm Barefoot Yoga Studio

Friday 9.30am Barefoot Yoga Studio

1:1 Private Classes available to book via email - please go to 'More' at the top right of the page and then 'Contact'


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